Do Crunches Burn Belly Fat

Do Crunches Burn Belly Fat

There are many myths in the gym world and health arena that usually confuse people a lot. Well, it is ok to be a health and fitness freak. But it is wiser to be well informed about what lifestyle you are choosing and the facts about belly fat. Sometimes to reduce belly fat, people often do 100 sit-ups and crunches without even knowing whether they will reduce the belly fat or not? Some people often ask this question do crunches burn belly fat? 

The answer is Yes! Crunches do burn belly fat whereas, it is just a myth that crunches burn belly fat because they do not perform. Along with the rest of the other exercises with full-body cardio is required to reduce belly fat. 

Not just cardio, there is proper training that helps in reducing belly fat, side tires, stored hip fat, thick thighs, and many more. Having a balanced diet also has a great influence and impact on reducing belly fat. If one is not following the diet and doing crunches all around every day, then they tiring their body. Further, you wonder and ask yourself on seeing tummy, do crunches burn fat? Then to be honest answer will be a clear No! Because belly fat is something that cannot be burned only by crunches. It requires a lot more than crunches to maintain abs or stomach in a flat shape. 

Proper overall body cardio with strength exercises and a diet is what health fitness is, and doing just sit-ups and crunches and then expecting belly fat to be burned in the right way is the wrong expectation one can have from self. If crunches can only reduce belly fat then, surely people in the health and fitness industry would have suggested doing squats, sit-ups, and crunches only. 

But, if we ever see the interview or read any article of known fitness trainer they always tell about full-body training along with mind training and proper diet. So, next time whenever you ask yourself that do crunches reduce belly fat? Then read articles on full-body training to remove this myth from your mind before starting your fitness journey. 

Here, in this article, many people have heard about the fact that belly fat is the most stubborn fat. Isn’t it? For them losing belly fat is about next to impossible. There is no matter what diet or workout routine you follow to reduce belly fat. Even the belly is considered as one of those body areas where you put on fat at the quickest. 

However, excess fat at the region of the abdomen might lead to the risk of various diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver, and many more. Whereas crunches might help you reduce belly fat, but if you think it will work at a specific area directly. Then, this can not be possible.

There are ways through which crunches will help to lose belly fat and strengthen your body. Those are: 

  1. Crunches strengthen the underlying muscles that help you become more fitter. 
  2. Performing crunches will help to improve digestion that plays an essential role in weight loss. 
  3. Crunches help your muscles to achieve strength and help to reduce excessive fat.  

Many people believe that they can reduce fat by targeting a single area or body part, but that is not how the human body works. Let us first understand what fats are and how we can reduce them with good fitness ways. Body fat is something that is stored by the body in the form of energy then transformed into fat cells. Whenever a person overeats or eats more than required by the body then, this extra fat which is the calories is stored. 

Now, it can be anybody’s part, and one should be knowing that only squats, crunches, and sit-ups alone cannot reduce that fat. This fat can be of your arms, legs, thighs, hips, bust, chest, stomach anywhere in the body. Then you must ask yourself that does crunches lose belly fat? No, they do not. It is next to impossible to reduce belly fat only by doing crunches, but Yes! That does not mean one should ignore abdominal exercises. 

Now, let us first understand what do crunches do to our bodies? Through this, we understand why our exercise routine must contain crunches to lose belly fat and how crunches help to reduce belly fat.

What do Crunches do to our Bodies?

It is a big myth that people believe doing crunches will reduce their belly fat. No, it is not right, because you cannot reduce belly fat just by doing crunches. Crunches train muscles like any other, but it does not burn the extra fat of the body. Crunches alone cannot kill body fat, and there are many ways in which one needs to opt for the best belly fat reduction results. If you are the one thinking this do crunches burn fat in the stomach, then No! You are assuming it wrong. Because crunches do not burn fat, they just excel your muscle power nothing more.

Exercise to reduce overall Belly Fat

Looking for exercise to reduce overall belly fat then, here we have shared some exercises that one can follow along with crunches to reduce overall belly fat. 

  • Pullups
  • Overhead press
  • Barbell rows 
  • Pushups
  • Bench-press
  • Squats
  • Deadlifts

All these exercises play an important role in reducing overall body fat and also help in retaining fitness. Along with these exercises, one should need to maintain a better diet and need to be understanding what should be added or subtracted from their diet to get the right stomach for them. 

So, next time when you come across this dilemma that does crunches help in reducing belly fat? Then keep your mind focused on other things as well and do not waste everyday energy in doing only sit-ups, crunches, or lunges in the gym. 

Many people ask this question if not crunches, sit up, and lunges then what are the other ways one can reduce belly fat without getting into exercise only? Is there is any chance that do crunches burn fat in the stomach? Or are there any other ways one can opt along for crunches to reduce belly fat? All these questions usually strike the mind of everybody while doing abdominal exercises. Abdominal exercises do help to train muscles but one cannot attain fat reduction just by them and one has to follow many other fitness ways that can help in reducing fat also trains the muscle in the right way so the body posture looks great. 

4 Powerful Tips to reduce Belly Fat

Belly fat reduction is one of the most common problems faced by almost everyone. Here we have shared some exercises to reduce belly fat.

Belly fat reduction is one of the most common problems faced by almost everyone. Here we have shared some exercises to reduce belly fat. 

4 Powerful Tips to reduce Belly Fat

1. Less calorie diet 

Every fitness person has heard this quote before that “Abs are firstly made in the kitchen” this is true to some extent because the more you are cautious about your diet the more you will be capable enough to grow a flat belly and abs. Yes removing extra calories from your diet always helps your fat storage to be minimum and this helps one reduce their belly fat so it’s not always doing crunches burns fat? Sometimes it’s the less calorie diet too that helps you maintain a flat belly. 

2. Reduce abdominal exercises 

A common mistake made by people while reducing belly fat. First is thinking that do crunches reduce fat? The second is believing that training their abs daily will help them reduce fat from stomach. 

Though the abdominal muscles are small and require an intense workout still they required at least 24- 48 hours to recover. If one is training their abs daily then they will not reduce belly fat but the chance is they will surely face injury. To reduce belly fat other ways are also important and along with them just training your abs twice or thrice a week is enough. 

3. Less cardio is more than enough

People usually get the misconception that if they wish to reduce the belly fat they have to flow their sweat in excessive cardio exercises. That is the reason they spend much time in creating reps of crunches and then seeing this in the mirror asking Do crunches help lose belly fat? 

No, they won’t because sometimes with more cardio people don’t only lose belly fat but also looses their gained mass and muscles. What is the point of weight training if you are losing your body mass while reducing your belly? 

So, if this strikes in your mind that does crunches or do sit-ups reduce belly fat then keep this in mind not only belly fat but excess of these exercises will reduce the body mass too. 30 minutes of the cardio session is enough for a person to reduce belly fat.

4. Sugar is an enemy

Along with diet, cardio, crunches, squats, and other exercises, one has to keep in mind that sugar is their enemy. Yes, sugar stores a much higher amount of fats that can increase the bulge in the tummy. 

If you have a good intake of sugar and you are training yourself then for sure you have to reduce sugar intake as much as you can because only that will help you reduce belly fat and other fat of body along with these exercises. 

Crunches do help in reducing belly fat but to the minimum extent like it is something which is nothing in results. Crunches are the exercise to train muscles but fat reduction is not possible by crunches, lunges, or sit-ups. One has to change their diet, reduce sugar intake, perform overall other exercises, reduce cardio, add vegetables and also need to take healthy fats to reduce fat from the belly.

One has to perform the exercises in the right way and also needs to work on other body parts while training their abs to reduce belly fat. If one comes across this question that Does crunches lose belly fat? Then the answer is no because it is a myth and not the right way to target the belly fat reduction process.

Conclusion – Do Crunches Burn Belly Fat

Belly fat reduction is not possible only through cardio and crunches also it requires physical and mental strength. In this article, there are many things that one can use as ways of reducing belly fat rather than believing this does crunches burn belly fat. 

None of the single exercises or targeting a single body can help in reducing the fat it can only train your muscles to grow and be stiff rather than reducing any extra mass. To reduce belly fat one has to follow other exercises and diet so that they can train the muscle and stop that extra storage of calories in the form of fat in their body parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I rely on crunches only to reduce my stomach?

    No, you can’t rely on crunches only to reduce your stomach, to reduce belly fat you have to work on the overall body with a proper diet then only you will see the promising results.

  • What is the best time limit should be for proper cardio

    Anywhere between 30 to 45 minutes is more than enough to perform the cardio exercises also intense training should follow up with that for fat reduction.

  • How can I reduce belly fat without doing crunches?

    You can reduce belly fat without doing crunches in many ways like diet, cardio, cutting of sugar but crunches or other abdominal exercises are important to train your muscles for better fitness. 

  • Should I follow more crunches than other exercises?

    No, you should follow other exercises equally as it is stated that one can have a great body only by following the overall body exercises not by targeting specific parts.

  • What other cardio exercises I can perform rather than crunches?

    The way crunches help or impact is only crunched can there is no such replacement as every exercise has its impact and own essence on the body but yes for sure you can perform many other exercises like squats, lunges, abs workout, plank and many more if you are having trouble in doing crunches.

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