How To Get Smaller Calves (7+ Actionable Ways)

How To Get Smaller Calves

Many people talk about getting lean leg shape also getting stiff thick or slim thighs but usually, they don’t talk about getting slim calves. Sometimes when a person gives ample amount of time in the gym then only he/she realizes that they have not thought about how to get smaller calves? It is difficult to work on this part once you grow the around muscles on thighs due to heavy lifting. So, people need to understand that if they wish to get slim calves they have to work upon it from starting itself.

You first need to understand whether your calves are large because of fat or muscle. Now, in case if your calves are fatty, then you should reduce your overall weight by reducing the calories intake and increase exercise to burn calories. In case, your calves are muscular, this means you only need to change your diet and exercise routine. So, choose wisely while checking on your calves. 

Now, let us first understand why do we need smaller calves? It would be a miracle if you can just focus on one part of the body and get that part slimmer and fitter. But this can not be possible as you do exercise and dieting, your overall body gets slimmer. So, now let’s first understand how you can get smaller calves and why smaller calves are important. 

Why Smaller Calves?

We exercise regularly to keep our body fit and we always work hard on every part of our body to get fitter and look younger. No matter what exercises is needed to perform but we always work hard to perform all the exercises so we can get the best shape of every body part. 

Similarly, as we work on thighs people like to have thin legs and so they always find ways to get skinny calves. Getting skinny calves is not so easy. So, people always look for ways that can be suitable for them without being pressured and hectic while shaping up the calves. 

Smaller calves enhance your appearance. Many people dream of having smaller calves. Lot many people struggle to build smaller calves. But many get success, and many face challenges while building smaller calves. Isn’t it? In few minutes, we are going to understand how you can achieve the smaller calves by simply changing few things. We first understand why do people have bigger calves. 

Why Do People Have Bigger Calves? 

Before going on to the solutions that are required to get thinner calves. People need to learn that what are the reasons behind bigger calves. Many things in the body differ from person to person, and that is why it is important to first learn the reasons behind having bigger calves. Here are some of the reasons that might be behind a person having bigger calves muscles.

Now, let’s understand them in detail. So, that you will get adequate information related to why do people have bigger calves.


If your calves are bigger due to fats then surely reducing calves will be as equal to reducing overall body fat. Fats are generated on different body parts due to different reasons so if one is looking for how to slim calves and the calves are bigger due to fats then the person has to reduce overall body fat to get thinner calves for them. 



If you are a gym freak and love to do heavy weight exercises to attain good muscles then there is a lot of possibilities that your calves size has increased due to heavy weight training. If one is doing regular heavyweight training then they must be having bigger calves due to muscle increase and if they wish to get skinny calves then surely they have to reduce such exercises which include heavy legs and thighs training to attain muscles. 



This is the reason that this question of how to get slim calves has very few answers. If you have the bigger calves due to genetics you follow like having bug calves like your father or sibling then there is not much you can do about it because you are born this way. But there are still some solutions that can at least give you some minor changes which will help you to reduce the size of your calves. 


4 Key Solution To Get Smaller Calves

These key solutions will help you to get smaller calves while doing exercise.

Excessive Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are really helpful in reducing the shape of thighs, legs, and hips but sometimes people do forget that these cardio exercises also pose a great increase in the body parts. If one is thinking about how to get slimmer calves then surely they have to reduce their cardio exercises. Many natural cardio exercises can be performed outside the gym as well. We are not just saying about treadmill run or cycling here are other exercises that also enhances the muscles of calves.

  • Incline running
  • Hill running
  • Speed walking
  • Cycle jogging on the spot
  • Skipping
  • Stairs climbing

All these exercises that are mentioned above are those which are usually included in the list of fitness by people. But if they are thinking about how to get skinnier calves then surely they should exclude all these exercises from their list and just follow simple ones to maintain their fitness.

Low-intensity Cardio

As we have mentioned above that cardio always helps in reducing the muscles and fat also helps in gaining good shape. But here in this case when it is about how to get slim calves then low-intensity cardio can be very beneficial in the reduction of fat and muscles and can convert your overall body mass into lean skin. 

Low-intensity cardio just includes normal jogs, running, and squats for better hips and thighs. But one has to always remember that if they are looking to get skinny calves then they should do squats without uplifting any weight on the body. 

Losing weight overall 

This is one of the toughest parts of exercises that are performed to get thinner calves. We all are aware of how much difficult it is to reduce weight overall. It is not easy to maintain exercise and diet at the same time because with diet and exercise only you can reduce overall weight.

Heavyweight training is required to lose weight overall and a person has to keep in mind that while doing heavy weight training they should not do any calves exercises because it can increase the muscles and your calves can grow bigger in shape.

So, if one is wishing to reduce calves and thinking to reduce them with overall weight loss then having the right diet with the right set of weight training is the key to reach the best fitness results.

Fat Overall 

Fat plays an important role in the body if fat gets increases it can increase the weight and diameter of your body but if gets reduces much then it can also make you skinnier in look. So, to maintain the best posture for different body parts one has to maintain the balanced fat in their body. If one is thinking about how to make calf muscle smaller then they have to reduce the overall body fat which includes the stomach, thighs, hips, back, side tires, etc.

Other Ways to Reduce Calves

Still looking for other ways to get slimmer calves. If yes, then here we are sharing some of the other ways to reduce calves 

  • Toning calves muscles
  • Reducing cardio to 60 minutes
  • Weekly strength training 
  • Yoga
  • Diet 

So, what do you think is toning calves, reducing cardio, weekly strength training, yoga, and diet will help you reduce calves. Now, here let us understand it in detail.

Toning Calves Muscles 

It is important to work on your calves muscles if they have grown up due to heavy weight training. It is very precious to perform toning exercises if one is thinking about how to get skinny calves and thighs. If one is practicing toning exercises then they can easily reduce their calves muscles to get skinnier claves. 

Reducing Cardio to 60 Minutes

One cannot reduce weight without cardio exercises. But as is mentioned above that cardio exercises can increase calves muscles so one can replace the cardio exercises with other activities like running, playing outside, walking, and jogging. If one includes just 60 minutes of cardio in their daily health training then surely they can overcome this question of how to get smaller calves.

Weekly strength training 

Including at least 2 strength exercises like lunges or squats can help the person to get thinner calves. If one is reducing the cardio exercises from their fitness list then surely they can include strength-based exercise to reduce calves muscle and burn fat. 


Yoga is one of the finest ways to get skinnier calves. Yoga exercises increase your flexibility and burn fat but they do not increase the muscle pump. So, if one is looking forward to reducing calves muscles by reducing cardio exercises then surely they can opt for yoga also to get their calves in shape. 


Diet is an important factor in any sort of weight-reducing or weight-gaining training. But when it comes to reducing muscles in some particular part then diet needs to be moderate to increase strength, not the muscles. One has to maintain a good diet to increase their exercise strength and need to reduce foods from the list that increase muscles and by this, they will get the answer to this thing that how to slim calves

Factors That Increase Your Calves Muscles

So, now let’s understand some other factors that increase your claves muscles. These factors will help you enhances your calves muscles. 

One has to identify the reason why their calves look bulkier than usual? Yes, this is the major concern one should get into before acting upon how to get slimmer calves. 

  • Calf muscles hypertrophy 
  • Calf fat 
  • Liquid stasis (edema) 

If you have any of these conditions that are mentioned above or having two or more conditions enlisted in the above list then these can be the sure-shot reason for your bulkier calves. So, if you are thinking to get skinnier calves then identifying and working on these conditions can help you get healthy and lean calves for yourself.


It is really important for the person that they should find the answer to this question on how to get smaller calves? One can work on overall body weight, can reduce body mass, can cut off fats but still, there is a chance that their calves will look bulkier due to genetics. The person must work on diet, yoga, exercises, low-intensity cardio, and strength exercises to get skinnier calves. 

One has to maintain the right health and the right set of exercises and also should be aware of what exercises need to be reduced from their weight training. So, they can increase the muscle of other body parts but can reduce the mass over calves.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I reduce calves without reducing my cardio exercises?

    Well, it is not possible to reduce calf muscles without reducing cardio exercise but if you wish to continue then you can make it low intent and include strength exercises.

  2. What strength exercises are best to reduce calf muscles?

    There are many strength exercises that one can perform but including 2 or 3 exercises like plunges, squats, and running are the ones that are beneficial in reducing calves muscles.

  3. What diet one can follow while reducing calves?

    A normal diet can be followed but following a diet that reduces mass on particular body parts helps more in reducing calves

  4. Can I skip high incline running to improve calves?

    Yes, if you are a high incline exercise follower then surely skipping high incline running can help you reduce the calves muscle and to get lean thighs.

  5. Why calves are so skinny?

    Some people may have skinny calves and some do have fatty calves. However, it is widely accepted that genetics might be the reason cause the skinny calves or bulky calves. So, with proper exercising and dieting, you can enhance or build your calves.

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