How To Hide Belly Fat In Jeans: 10 Tips That Works

How To Hide Belly Fat In Jeans

Are you conscious of your belly fat? Want to hide belly fat in jeans? You have already used many tricks and products to hide belly fat in jeans or any other clothes but can not get the desired results. If this is the situation then finally you reached the perfect article. Here we are explaining ways on how to hide belly fat in jeans.

Everyone wants to look good. But nowadays it is very difficult to keep fit. Nowadays the problem of obesity has become quite common due to wrong eating habits. Due to obesity, our look also gets spoiled somewhere. For this reason, many people avoid going to weddings and parties. People who have fat around their belly, try to hide their belly fat in whatever clothes they wear. So that they don’t look fatty. But this cannot happen. Despite all the efforts to hide it, the belly fat is still visible.

The bulging of abdomen fat is a kind of dissatisfaction for everyone and I understand how difficult the situation is. But now, don’t be stressed out of any situations related to belly fat in jeans. Through this article, you will understand how you can hide belly fat in jeans and how to wear high-waisted jeans with a belly.

Now, let’s first have a look at how do you hide belly fat with high-waisted jeans?

Hide Belly Fat with High-waisted Jeans?

Finding the ways to hide belly fat with high-waisted jeans. Then, you must remember higher you go on the waist the more shapely your jeans will fit. You can also try to truck in your tee-shirt and pull it out a little to give that a chic and boxy look. If you are not taller then you can opt for the bootcut hem. This will make you look slimmer and taller.

Now, let’s have a look at how to hide belly fat in jeans.

How to hide Belly Fat in Jeans?

Almost everyone facing problems with belly fat and everyone wants to wear clothes that hide their belly fat. Here we are sharing a guide on how to hide your belly fat in jeans and how you can maintain the fashion. There are times when you want to embrace your belly fat but also there are times when you want to hide it.

Now, let’s find out the ways on how you can hide belly fat in jeans.

1. Always wear high waist jeans

If you have belly fat and you want to hide your fat, then you should always wear high waist jeans. If you wear high waist jeans, then these jeans will hide a lot of your belly fat. These jeans cover a lot of your stomach. The high waist jeans are easily fastened close to the belly button. On the contrary, if you wear the lowest jeans, then a lot of your stomach is not covered and your belly fat is visible.

2. Wearing a body shaper inside jeans

To hide your belly fat, you must wear a body shaper inside your jeans. Body Shaper brings your body into shape. It covers the increased fat of your body and your body comes in shape. So whenever you think of wearing jeans, then definitely wear a body shaper together. If you wear jeans over body shaper then your fatness will not be visible and you will look good.

3. Always wear dark-colored jeans

If you have fat on your stomach and you want to hide that fat then you should always wear dark-colored jeans. When you go out wearing dark-colored jeans. So the entire focus of the person watching you goes on the color of your jeans. Dark color hides your belly fat to a great extent.

4. Don’t wear a belt with jeans

Don’t wear a belt over your hip area. Belts draw attention wherever they are worn. This means if you don’t want people to look at your belly, don’t wear a belt. However, if you want to draw attention to the waistline of your dress, wear a belt on top to show it off. Find the place where your shape looks the most beautiful by belting it in different places on the lower part of your body. If wearing a belt is kind of necessary for you then Find Small Size Belts that look good on the stomach, especially with asymmetrical prints.

5. Get help from a professional for your jeans size

With the help of a professional stylist or sales assistant at the store, you can decide how best you can fit your jeans and how much you will feel wearing them. Wear all the different styles of jeans they recommend and pick the pair that suits you best.

6. Find jeans that have a zip fly and simple pockets

Choose jeans that look simple with the fly and pockets, as this is the part where you don’t want to attract attention. This means that your belly will not increase and your image will depend on how tight the jeans are.

Also, don’t go for jeans that have a long line of buttons along the fly, as this will make your tummy appear raised and you’ll feel uncomfortable.

7. Try wearing asymmetrical tops over jeans

Choose tops, blouses, shirts, and tunics that have an asymmetrical look. This can be any symmetrical pattern such as an animal or an abstract print. In addition, tops with asymmetric hem or drapes also look great with jeans. Experiment with different styles of asymmetrical tops to see which one looks best on you. Asymmetrical tops add style and shape to your look by drawing attention to your tummy.

8. Choose tops that reach just above your thighs and between your hips

Whether you’ve chosen a simple or asymmetrical top to wear with jeans, this is the best length to hide your tummy. Don’t choose tops that are taller than the top of your thighs, as these will be loose and won’t work in areas you want to draw attention to.
Also, don’t choose tops that are smaller than your hips. This will bring attention to your stomach.

9. Choose jeans that come up to your heel

Jeans come in a variety of lengths, and which one suits you will depend on the length of your feet. Try wearing a pair of different lengths in your chosen size to see which fits your heel. Stay away from jeans that are too short or above your heels.
Jeans that gather around your heels can make you appear smaller and rounder. Jeans of the right length enhance your image

10. Never wear tight Jeans

If you have belly fat then you should never wear tight jeans. If you wear tight jeans even after having belly fat, then your fat will be visible.
Till now, you have understood tips on how to hide belly fat in jeans. Now, let’s have a look at the best jeans for women with belly fat. Here we share the choice rules to find out the best jeans for women with a belly.

Best Jeans for Women with a Belly Fat

Firstly, you should not wear tight jeans because they will bulge out your abdomen. This not looks good, you should prefer jeans size where you can pass a finger between the belt and the body. In short, choose a jeans size which is enough and you can easily handle it with grace. Those who have bulging belly fat only prefer to wear jeans with a high waist.

Straight and flared jeans

Women having belly fat prefer to wear jeans of these styles with a high waist and not too wide flare. You can also opt for slightly narrowed jeans with a high waist that will also fit and embrace your looks.

Mom jeans that Hide the Belly

Mom jeans are loose-fitting jeans that will hide your belly fat easily. If you are opting for mom jeans prefer the high waist as it allows you to wear a crop top. Use waistline jeans that are closed and perfect to hide belly fat. Mom jeans are considered from the late 80s and 90s century.

Boyfriend Jeans

With your boyfriend’s jeans, you can hide both extra kilograms and bulging fat. Boyfriend jeans will enhance your looks and you can not feel like you have belly fat.


If you don’t like jeans then you can prefer jeggings. Jeggings are made of denser, more elastic fabrics and have a special belt that tightens the stomach. High waist jeggings tighten the waist without creating any fat rolls. Jeggings don’t have zippers and buttons that help you to hide the protruding abdomen.

We hope till now, you will understand which jeans will suits you best and through which jeans you can hide your belly fat. In this article, we have mentioned the ways and best jeans for women with belly fat. We understand it is difficult when you can not able to wear your favorite outfit that you love the most.

Some girls and women are not fat but only have belly fat that makes them feel terrible. So, for those these tips and ways will help you and enhances your looks. Through this article, on how to hide belly fat in jeans you will be benefitted and change the outfits that suit you the best.

We know that you have many questions running in your mind and looking for the best results and answers to your questions. So, now we have shortlisted some frequently asked questions that will help you out with your outfits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do mom jeans look good on short legs?

If you wear skinny and straight leg jeans as they are the most recommended silhouette for short girls. Skinny jeans tighten your legs and create a lengthening illusion and it makes hips look narrower and legs skinner.

How can I hide my stomach in jeans?

To hide your stomach in jeans, prefer dark wash or black jeans as they are a great choice as they do not draw attention to your stomach. Even you can also try dark navy, charcoal, dark grey, and black jeans. This all-color combination will help you to hide your stomach in jeans.

How can I stop my high-waisted jeans from rolling down?

High waist jeans are the best option to go for. As they provide larger support which makes you look slim and helping the waistband to stay put in its place. However, high waist well-fitted leggings those are rise above your naval will prevent the high waisted jeans from rolling down.

Will high-waisted jeans hide your belly fat?

High-waisted jeans will not help you with shedding your belly fat. High waist jeans will help you with the change in the appearance of your waistline. These jeans will be helpful with belly fat and they’ll give you incredible slimming looks.

Are high-waist jeans supposed to cover your belly button?

Yes, high waited jeans will suppose to cover your belly button. As they are high-waisted style jeans and they can easily hide navel and shields unwanted bulges.

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