How To Lose Belly Fat For Kids: The Definitive Guide

How To Lose Belly Fat For Kids

Belly fat is nowadays common among each generation. Whether you are suffering from belly fat or your child, the health concerns are the same for each generation. Even weight loss among children is essential to prevent them from the disease that might harm their organs, latterly. Let’s dive into How To Lose Belly Fat For Kids: The Definitive Guide

So, let us have a look at when we were a child. How much time do you spend sitting looking at the screen and eating? If you do not have a smartphone, iPad, or video game, then what you suppose to do. You went to play games like football, soccer, jumping rope, riding your bike, and other activities. Isn’t it?

Have you ever think, why you do not get fat, but nowadays kids do?

why you do not get fat, but nowadays kids do

At that time, you were naturally improving your physical fitness. It is enhancing your cognitive functioning. But if we see new generation children, they mostly play with their video games, PS5, watching videos, movies, eating junk foods, and many other things.

Today’s kids are not active for physical fitness because they know the easier ways to freshen themselves up. It is destroying their body physically as well as internally. So, do not wait for the right time to take action for your child. Just implement some small steps in your child day to day life to improve their health.

Research issued in the journal Pediatrics in 2014 shows that almost 33% of children aged between 6 to 18 years are abdominally obese, as per their waist to height ratio. Isn’t it shocking? If we think the current situation, now the world is facing pandemic time due to Coronavirus outburst. Now, children are more at their homes than earlier. So there are higher chances that they are more prominent to increase weight.

I know it is difficult for a parent to put their children on a strict diet for their belly fat. But many parents have no other options. They might feel like stepping a mountain to keep their child on a strict diet.

Kids are not aware of their health. Even belly fat for them might be a playing thing. They love to play with their belly, so how do you think they love their strict diet. But as a parent, this thing stresses you out over and over.

Kids are not aware of their Belly Fat

Want to reduce the belly fat of your kid, then you should be their friend or teacher who always talks and helps them while changing daily habits such as games, challenges with rewards, and many more. The minute change in their daily routine will keep your children interested in healthy habits.

Now, let us understand some basic knowledge about reducing belly fat in kids.

Facts about How To Lose Belly Fat For Kids

Belly fat is the first place where you see changes as the belly is metabolically active. Desire to know how to reduce belly fat in kids,  revise their dietary habits, and include physical activity more. In other words, to reduce 1 pound of fat, you need to create a calorie deficit that is 3,500 calories.

But never try dangerous dieting for kids. It might leave your kid nutritionally deficient and hungry. This thing eventually impacts your kid’s body physically as well as emotionally. So, only prefer healthy dieting that enhances and improves your child’s body.

Directly loads their plates with healthier foods. It is the best way to trim their calories without losing nutritional value for your kid’s growing body and brain. It is common, kids do not like to eat veggies or healthy foods, but there are many ways through which you can add healthy foods and veggies to their plate.

As per the report, only one out of three children are physically active. That means many kids are prominent to have belly fat. So, with healthier foods, you should include some exercise or physical activity for your kids. It works to reduce belly fat for kids.

Nowadays, children do not like to drink water more often, but they love to drink soda. Is it true with your kid? If yes, then immediately reduce their soda consumption because soda contains more amount of sugar. That will naturally increase their belly fat. A report published in Hippokratia in 2013 states that kids aged between 7 to 15 years old are more dependent on sugar-sweetened beverages that are directly related to belly fat or obesity.

So, try to switch their soda drinking habit with sparkling water, plain iced tea, cold milk. These things help to reduce calorie intake and eventually lose belly fat efficiently. It might be difficult for some parents, but it is not impossible to implement healthy habits into your kid’s life for their benefit.

Now, let us understand the ways how to reduce belly fat for kids.

Ways to reduce Belly Fat for Kids

I know many parents are looking for ways to lose belly fat for kids even faster. Even they are keen to get results as soon as possible because they do not want to see their kids struggle just because of obesity. So, your wait is over.

Here, we are sharing some fast ways to reduce belly fat for kids. These ways will help your kid to reduce belly fat more effectively. You may consider a medical specialist to get medical assistance for your kid’s diet. But here are some ways through which your kid will lose belly fat easily and effectively.

So, let us have a look and understand each way to get it more clear.

1. Eat the right food

Kids tend to eat every food because they do not know about the nutritional values of foods. Here parents play an essential role. You should check what your kid is eating, how often your kid is eating, and what level of junk food your kid consumes. Also, you should check, your kid does not binge on food.

Make sure that your kid follows a healthy diet that includes adequate fruits, veggies, proteins, whole grains, and other healthy foods. Try to cut down your kid’s sugary foods and junk foods intake.

It is simple, check what your kid eats, how your kid eats. If you feel you need to change their diet, then go ahead and change it. At first, they do not like it, but eventually, they do like eating healthy foods.

2. Keep your Kid physically active

Kids tend to be more active than elders. So, channelize their energy by granting them some outdoor or physical activities. Therefore, physical activities are essential for kids as they keep them stay fit. Apart from this, exercises like cycling, running, gymnastics will enhance their metabolism and keep them energetic throughout the day. You often found that your kid will like these physical activities, and they do not feel like they are exercising.

This simple step will keep your kid more active and help reduce belly fat for kids.

3. Practice healthy habits

As a parent, you must monitor and keep your kids practicing healthy habits because they do not understand the importance of healthy habits at such early age. Try to figure out things, in such a way, that kids will not spend more time being seated or being inactive. Even make sure they do not use more electronic devices.

You can involve your kid while helping you in house chores like watering the garden, dusting, and other works. These habits will improve the fitness of a child. Even make sure your kid will sleep on time. Sleeping habits play an essential role in a kid’s life.

4. Is it easy for Kids to reduce Belly fat?

Reducing belly fat is not easy for anyone. Whether you are a youngster, elder, or kid, reducing belly fat can be a challenge. Almost every 3 people are suffering from belly fat. So, it is not that much easy for kids to reduce belly fat.

Although, belly fat loss keep your kids away from obesity and heart diseases. But, it might be difficult for your child to consume healthy foods, cutting down their favorite junk foods. It might not go well with your kid.

They more often fail to follow a strict diet as kids can not control themselves from eating their favorite foods. In other words, it is not easy for kids to reduce belly fat. Dieting might affect the kid’s growth, as they require to eat nutritious foods for their body. 

It is a challenge for parents to maintain their kid’s eating habits which include a balanced diet, and at the same time, it manages weight gain. So, kids also require exercise to reduce belly fat. But there are no such facilities available for kids like gym, weight loss machines. So, kids have to do home exercise to reduce belly fat.

You start doing daily exercise and try to involve your kid with yourself. Days later, you will realize your kid is doing exercises on their own. Spend half an hour daily with your kid by doing exercise, and definitely, you both will enjoy this time the most.

Exercises for How to reduce Belly fat for Kids

Now, wondering what exercises you prefer for your kids to reduce belly fat. Here we are sharing some exercises routine that will help your kid to reduce belly fat even faster.

Commonly, we need to do exercise regularly to melt belly fat. Many exercises are kids friendly. Some exercises kids do as a way of having fun. This type of exercise will help your kid to enjoy the workout sessions.

Here is the list of physical activities that help to reduce belly fat for kids.






Jumping Rope

Outdoor Games

With the help of these exercises, your kid will lose weight or belly fat without exerting their body.

Lose Belly fat for Kids according to age: Guide

Experts advise losing belly fat for kids according to their age. Even it is more beneficial, as kids grow, the requirements of nutrition for their body change and eventually increases. So, let us have a look at how to lose belly fat for kids according to age.

Age Between 1 to 6

At this age, kids weight stay the same or even gain at very slowly. So, let us understand how you, as a parent, can help your kid with belly fat loss.

At this age, parents are in charge of their routine and eating healthy habits. They do not know what to eat and when to eat. They grab some things and put them in their mouth.

So, let us make some minute changes in your kid’s daily routine so that they can effectively reduce their belly fat. Make sure your child be active for at least 60 minutes, whether they climb jungle gym at the park or play tag in the backyard and many other games.

But, remember they do not need to exercise for straight 60 minutes a day. Even short bursts of activity within a day that add up to an hour are just enough for them. Now let us understand what to do for their meal and snack time.

  • Usually, offer them a variety of nutritious choices. Cut down the processed and fast foods as these foods tend to be higher in calories and fat. So, fill your child plate with fruits and vegetables, white bread, rice, and whole-grain pasta. These foods have fiber which helps your child feel full for longer.
  • Avoid serving sugary drinks. Just change these drinks with juice, sports drinks for water, and low-fat milk.
  • Try to serve three meals and two snacks a day. It keeps your child from getting too hungry or making him less likely to overeat. These minute changes will give you mind-blowing results.

Age Between 7 to 10

Kids at this age have their own opinion. But still, they need the help of their parents. Now, this is the time where you need to give tools and lessons they need to make healthy choices throughout life.

So, the following strategies will work for you.

  • Keep junk foods outside of your house and stock your kitchen with nutritious foods. It makes your kids make the right choice when they are deciding between an apple or banana instead of an apple or cookie.
  • Set timing rules for television and computer time. As long they sit inactive in front of the screen, the tendency to increase weight is even higher. So, make sure your kid knows that he only has a set amount of time to use the television, smartphone, video games, or computer. After screen time is over, positively encourage them to get up and play. It makes your kid more active.
  • Try to get the entire family on board so that your child will not feel singled out because of their weight. Encourage and convey the importance of healthy eating to the whole family.

    Remember: Children copy their parents and surrounding habits. So, want to change your kid habits, then change your routine first. They will automatically follow you.

Age Between 11 to 17

In this age group, kids mostly remain at the same weight or gain it slower as they grow taller. At puberty age, the child might lose up to 1 or 2 pounds a week. So, here we discuss the points on how you can help your kid to reduce their belly fat.

  •  At this age, your child is much capable of deciding on their own. But your guidance also plays a vital role. You as a parent work together with your child to help them make smart choices and create a plan to get the entire family on the right track with food, exercise in day-to-day life.
  •  Make the health of everyone a priority. Every comment about your child weight may destroy their self-esteem. So, always work in such a way that they are always motivated and enjoy their healthy meals.
  • Try to engage and encourage your child to have a meal with family at least one time a day. This habit will encourage your kid to eat more healthy foods.
  • Always offer support to your child while they are struggling to reduce their belly fat. Be your child best friend in their weight loss journey because they will face some challenges in the outside world. Being fatty is the center of attraction in many places and occasions. It makes them feel very nervous. So, this thing might affect child psychology.

Now, here we have shared some tips on how to reduce belly fat for kids. Let us have a look.

Tips to reduce Belly fat for kids

In reducing belly fat for kids, the role of parents is equally important. Without the involvement of parents, kids can not lose their belly fat effectively and may end up catching other problems.

So, let us have a look at the tips. That will help your kids to shed off belly fat or extra fat.

  • Consume healthy foods
  • Take healthy sleep or sleep well
  • Exercise regularly
  • Enjoy a healthy lifestyle
  • Completely remove fast foods
  • Reduces the consumption of sugary and too salty foods
  • Drink more water in a day
  • Consume more vegetables and fruits
  • Maintain the balanced diet
  • Do not ever skip the meals
  • Reduce the consumption of processed foods
  • Consume more whole grain foods

These tips will help you maintain your daily routine with the consumption of healthy foods or activities in your kid’s life.

Conclusion On How To Lose Belly Fat For Kids

We understand the feeling of you as a parent who struggles to find ways on how to reduce belly fat for kids. It is not an easy road, but yes, it is not impossible to put your kid in the right shape.

By just adopting a healthy lifestyle will help your kids to reduce belly fat even more effectively. Dieting is also essential for kids, but dieting is done under the guidance of professional and child physicians. It way double the speed of weight loss.

So, become your kid’s best friend and always be there for your child. Weight loss journey is not easy, but with the support of surroundings, your kid feels more energetic and calm, and even they enjoy eating healthy and exercises.

Make their dieting journey as much easy. So, that kid will enjoy every moment and accept a healthy diet for long life. So, previously we have discussed many things on how to reduce belly fat for kids. We also share some beliefs and devices that support kids overall health are:

  • Instruments that are useful while exercising such as exercise belt, small weight dumbells, and other things
  • Prefer healthy and balanced diet programs for your kids.
  • Involve yoga in their exercise routine and also try to do yoga along with them.
  • Provide and encourage your child to have a relaxed and healthy sleep.
  • Always be a supportive hand for your child.

Having belly fat is very common among youngsters, adults, or even children. So, do not be panic. Calm yourself as well as your child, and find the best ways on how to reduce belly fat for kids.

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