How To Reduce Belly Fat While Bulking

How to reduce belly fat while bulking

Whenever we think about fitness, we always get into the mindset that the hardship we wish to is not going to be easy at all. The work that is required and the control in the form of discipline is really hard to achieve. 

Well, one can achieve it through dedication and hard work but sometimes there are much bigger problems that arise while working out for fitness. There are many stages in fitness which one person tries to achieve step by step and to complete this journey one has to be very strong by mind and physical training. 

It is not easy at all, and surely many people go from breaking down while gaining or shredding their bodies. The human body tends to be slim or thick, and people have different journey plans for them. 

Sometimes people join fitness programs for gaining fat, sometimes they join it for reducing body fat. Surely, it is not easy in both tasks as both of them have their obstacles, which one needs to clear to attain the best results for their fitness. 

So, in this article, we are going to talk about How To Reduce Belly Fat While Bulking. Yes, this comes in other sections of exercise and training because it is really hard for people to do so While gaining to reduce belly fat because when you are gaining curves in other parts it is obvious that your belly will put on the fat too. This may cause an inappropriate structure for your body and surely it will be seen like bulking belly fat on the stomach area. 

It is really difficult to not get belly fat while bulking. Sometimes people say it’s next to impossible because when you are getting muscles surely the belly fat will increase too because of the diet you are taking or the exercises you are doing daily. 

But yes one always comes up with this question that can you lose belly fat while bulking? And the answer is yes! You can lose belly fat while bulking. But surely that journey of bulking belly fat is not going to be easy and one has to find the right solutions for them to attain this thing through exercise and diet. 

Sometimes we see advertisements that you can use a sauna belt or electric belt to reduce belly fat even when you are bulking but that is not true and there is no surety that it will give 100 percent results. One has to find other ways, we can say the fruitful solutions to keep belly fat away or in minimal growth while bulking. 

So, In this article, you will learn the fruitful ways on how to keep belly fat off while bulking so you can follow the right procedures and the ways to reach the desired body structure for yourself and can attain it without harming your other exercises. 

9 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat While Bulking

As you can read that there are many solutions that one person can opt for reducing belly fat even while bulking but how this solution works is the major concept of attaining the right effective bulking. Though these solutions can look easy but do not get fooled by these steps they look easy but they are very hard to maintain when it comes to right clean bulking. 

Whenever a person minds strings with the question that can you lose belly fat while bulking? Then only the person starts to find solutions whereas while bulking and gaining they tend to see fat on their stomach but they ignore it. 

Thinking that this fat will go when I will change to cutting is the wrong myth many people believe in because this fat will not go away if it becomes stubborn belly fat. Stubborn belly fat does not get reduced easily and while you are on gain there are high chances that it will take much longer efforts to get reduced. 

If you wish to reduce your belly fat while bulking then surely you have to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically because, on the one hand, you will be eating more because you are on bulking but to avoid fat on the wrong body part like the belly you have to monitor your food taking and exercise on the other hand. 

Belly fat can become very stubborn and it can turn your hard work into a slight disappointment because working hard for those abs and then getting them into bulge is not what is wanted by anybody in their weight training journey.  

So, if you are looking to lose belly fat even when you are bulking then this is the way to do it. Find some right exercises to control the diet. Go with clean bulking and also implement keto. To work best with clean bulking one has to maintain calories intake and also the right amount of food so it doesn’t become stubborn belly fat. So, if bulking is what you are doing then surely you have to work best with diet and that can give mental pressure to you as well so strong mental health should be in practice as well for clean bulking.  

As we have discussed reducing belly fat while bulking it is time to discuss the ways mentioned above that can help in how to keep belly fat off while bulking. Though these ways look simple they are not so it is better to understand them in detail before starting your journey of clean bulking. 

Here are the ways in detail that are mentioned above for clean bulking so one cannot grow stubborn belly fat while achieving muscles in their weight training and cannot go on a diet plan that makes them feel weak and sluggish while training. 

1. Clean diet

Diet is the most important factor in any weight-training process. Diet defines your results as more than 40 percent and the rest 60 percent is the exercise you maintain to get results. While doing the right exercise it is important to monitor the right diet plan as well. 

A clean diet gives you the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, calories in your food so that one can achieve muscles on other parts but do not attain bulking belly fat while their clean bulking process. So, if you are looking forward to going for clean bulking then you have to go with a clean diet while doing your bulking journey. 

Clean diet

2. Resistance Training

Resistance training is the most important part of clean bulking. But one has to make sure that they should do the right training to remove the belly fat and gain muscles. Here are some of the best training methods which one can use to gain muscles without getting stubborn belly fat.

  • Press up
  • Shuffle up
  • Seesaw plank
  • Bench press
  • Rope skipping
  • Running 
  • Prone pull
  • Squat jumps
  • Bulgarian split squat

All these exercises are tough and one needs an ample amount of dedication and concentration while doing them but one has to keep in their mind that one has to go follow a diet always so that they can cut the intake that can increase belly fat but should not cut the intake this much that it doesn’t allow muscles to grow in the right way. 

3. Cardio

Cardio exercises are one of the prominent ways to cut belly fat while you are on bulking. Cardio exercises include many exercises that are very keen based on strength and many exercises impact suitable body parts which are chosen under the exercise.

So, doing cardio improves the chances of reducing belly fat even while bulking. Here are some of the cardio exercises which one can perform while in the bulking period.

  • Jump rope
  • Burpee
  • Squat
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Squat jump
  • Cycling
  • Lunges 
  • Plank
  • Push-ups
  • Sprinting
  • Jogging 

These are some of the best cardio exercises one can follow if they have a question in mind that how to keep belly fat off when they are on bulking because it is based on body parts and when you are on bulking surely you will gain some fat on the belly but through cardio, you can remove that fat from your body even while gaining weight in bulking. 

4. Push-ups

Push-ups are one sort of exercise that strengthens the shoulders, back and also, makes a huge impact on your chest and belly. So, while you are bulking surely push-ups can be your key exercise to make your belly flat and straight. Though performing plank can also work better in some way. But push-ups help to gain muscles as well as belly fat reduction both at the same time.


5. Superman push up

Something that includes strength is always an exercise that can impact the chosen body part in the best way. When it comes to superman push-ups it includes strength that plunges the belly area with pressure. It also involves chest broadness which means The belly fat will transform into chest muscles so surely doing superman push-ups helps in bulking with belly fat.

Superman push up

6. Crunches

Do we all know how difficult crunches are? But we also know how effective they are. It is but obvious that in many exercises related to reducing belly fat crunches are the most impactful ones and help you gain good abs as well. This is important to understand that when you are thinking about how to keep belly fat off while bulking then the answer is small sets but bigger reps of crunches can help you achieve a flat belly even when you are bulking.

7. Monitoring progress

This is one of the prime ways to reduce belly fat while bulking. When you are gaining muscle you can track that how many calories you are taking, what exercises you are performing, and what diet you are following. So, when you see the bit of belly fat, then you can change the ways before that belly fat becomes stubborn.


8. Fuzz over food

Food elements play an important role in attaining good muscles. The proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and calories all these elements in food defines your gain in you bulking but for clean bulking, one has to follow a normal diet not a strict one but they have to keep on check on the number of food elements they are taking so they don’t make fuzz over food and grow belly fat with muscles. 

Fuzz over food

9. Food list

Creating the food list helps in creating the best diet for yourself while you are bulking. Because when you create a food list then it helps you differentiate that what is needed to gain muscles and what you can avoid eating to reduce excess belly fat. So, if you are thinking about how to keep belly fat off then surely creating a food list will help you fruitfully run your clean bulling process. 

So, if one is thinking to reduce belly fat even when they are bulking then all these methods are the ones that are helpful while bulking with belly fat because when you are gaining muscles surely the belly fat will appear to but it is not impossible to reduce it. One can reduce it very easily if one implements these methods in the right way and with the right dedication. 

It is important to follow the diet, performs exercises, maintains a food chart, controls the diet also make sure whatever you take as a food element should denote that what is helping and what is not. This is the only way one can keep belly fat off from their body even when they are gaining muscles in their weight training journey. 

So, if you are also the one looking for belly fat reduction solutions while bulking then this article is a must-read for you as it explains step by step that what belly fat is? What is bulking? How one can reduce just belly fat without affecting bulking are the main points covered in this article so that you can have the ideas and ways that you can implement which only reduces the belly fat and help you gain more muscles in your training. 

Food list


It is but obvious that when a person thinks of bulking they always fear belly fat. Yes, it is true that when you will work for your other muscles to grow up surely the belly will also gain fat but the methods that are mentioned above are the key to successful bulking and one can gain muscles without increasing their belly fat.

So, if you are bulling and working hard in the gym but still thinking about how to keep belly fat off? Then utilize these methods wisely and you will get the perfect belly shape even in your bulking procedure and the belly fat will not increase with the diet you are taking to grow your muscles. Just work accordingly with these methods and surely you will be gaining good muscles without gaining belly fat and it will help you be in shape for a longer run in life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bulk while losing belly fat?

Many people claim that you can not bulk while losing belly fat but it is possible to build muscle and lose body fat simultaneously. However, this process is referred to as ‘recomping’.

How do I keep my stomach flat while bulking?

Many people have done excess body weight that carries fat around their belly. There are techniques where you can keep your stomach fat while bulking. These techniques are cardio exercise, consume more fiber, reduce refined carbs, increase protein intake, and many more. 

Is it better to bulk or cut first?

Recently you started working out and are at healthy body weight. Then you must first go for bulking and then cutting. This process is much easier for you to cut body fat after the bulking.

Does Cardio burn fat while bulking?

High-intensity cardio can be the best way to burn calories. Even these same benefits can also work against while bulking. So, if you do high-intensity cardio exercise then keep it to a minimum.

How do I Bulk after cutting?

There are 8 bulking tips after a long cutting phase. Those are:

– Start with a weight management procedure first
– Increase the calories gradually
– Then increase carb intakes
– Monitor weekly weight gain
– Exercise for muscle hypertrophy and strength
– Improve training frequency
– Record body fat percentages during bulking
– Improve your bulk as required by maintaining records. 

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